Doon Consulting Group LLC
Strategic Consulting Services from Mark Mitchell


I'm Mark Mitchell.  Doon Consulting Group is the business vehicle I created to provide strategic consulting services to the technology industry.  

I work with senior executives, sharing what I know about software development tools, embedded software, open-source technology, distributed development teams, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate organization.  

I am available for engagements lasting from a single day to a week.

About Me

I am an experienced technologist and business leader. I founded, grew, managed and sold CodeSourcery, an software development tools business that leveraged open-source software. After Mentor Graphics acquired CodeSourcery, I became a General Manager at Mentor Graphics. There, I was responsible for product management and engineering for the open-source embedded software business unit.  As part of the leadership team for the Embedded Software Division, I participated in strategic planning activities including mergers and acquisitions, sales strategy, partnerships, and budgets. 

I have an academic background in computer science.  I received an A.B. in Computer Science from Harvard.  I was enrolled in the Stanford Ph.D. program, but earned only a M.Sc. before leaving to start CodeSourcery.  For many years, I was one of the most prominent software developers for the GNU Compiler Collection, with a particular focus on the C++ front-end.

My complete resume is available on LinkedIn.